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Member Association Activities - Qatar

Qatari Diabetes Association, member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, received support for five insulin pumps provided by Marine Plus Marine Trade Company for children living with type one diabetes.
Dr. Abdullah Al-Hamq, Executive Director of Qatar Diabetes Association, said :" We are very grateful to Marine Place for providing such generous support coinciding with the celebrations of the international diabetes community of years to discover Insulin is this important hormone that is a life savior of thousands of diabetes diagnosed people ??
Mr. Adel Mohammad Al-Mutawa - owner of Marine Place Marine Trade Company, said ?? I sincerely thank all the Qatari Diabetes Association workers for their clear and concrete efforts in helping Diabetes diagnostics, and choosing us to provide support A number of pumps believe in the importance of the social responsibility of the private sector and help bring joy and pleasure to a number of families that can't afford pumps that will contribute to changing their lifestyle.
Insulin pump is a small electronic device that simulates the way pancreas works so that the body supplies insulin around the clock at fixed rates determined by the doctor and variable doses when eating meals or to correct sugar when needed according to the medical plan determined by the doctor.
?? The most valuable gesture for our diabetes-diagnosed sons and daughters, Insulin pumps have proven their great effectiveness in improving diabetes control, as it pumps insulin into the body accurately and accurately Effective and efficiently corresponds to a child's body's needs for insulin, and insulin pump replaces the need for daily repeated injections during the day.
It is worth noting that the Qatari Diabetes Association offers practical training on insulin pumps for diabetes, parents, nurses and school nurses. This includes their training on how to use an insulin pump, how to install it, placement, and to explore potential problems and how to deal with it. It also offers educational sessions on how to calculate carbs.