DASG Conferences


Diabetic Association of Pakistan in collaboration with Diabetes in Asia Study Group organized  an “International Diabetes Conference” on 13th and 14th November 2021 at local hotel at Karachi. Prof Muhammad Zaman Shaikh, was the chairman organizing committee, Prof Abdul Basit, the patron and Prof Shabeen Naz Masood and Prof Asher Fawwad, were the  Chairpersons of  Scientific and Publication Committees respectively. 

These experts said that the Diabetic Association of Pakistan, WHO Collaborating Centre strives to help the people with diabetes and those who are at risk of developing it by providing innovative patient care, diabetes education and related services with the hope of improving the overall quality of life for those who are affected. 

Presentations from the distinguished scholars and international experts, including Prof. Andrew Boulton, President IDF and Prof Akhtar Hussain, President Elect IDF were the key part of the event. Prof. Peter Schwartz from Germany, Prof. Jamal BELKHADIR form Morocco, Prof. Adel El Syed, Prof. Inass Shaltout and Dr. Mesbah Kamel from Egypt, Dr. Abdulla Hamaq from Qatar, Prof. Mohamad Sandid from Lebanon, Dr. V Mohan, and Dr. Babhi Saboo from from India, Dr. Bishwanjit from Bangla Desh, Prof. Sultan Ayoub Meo from Saudi Arabia were some names from the international faculty. There were separate sessions for the nurses and for the people with diabetes.

These experts briefed the overall pandemic situation of Diabetes in Pakistan. They said that we are expecting a further increase in latest estimates with Pakistan in terms of number of people with diabetes. This burden warrants the education and training of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. They further emphasized that after the sensitization of various organizations including Diabetic Association of Pakistan, Government of Pakistan and Sindh is now on board and playing their active role in training the HCPs about prevention of the diabetes.

This international conference was of extreme scientific significance and was not only important for the medical community, including family physicians, nurses, diabetes educators and dieticians,  but also for the persons with diabetes and common people of Pakistan. 

These Diabetes Specialists emphasized that the cost-effective management strategies and prevention of diabetes starting from the intrauterine environment should be considered to combat this epidemic situation of diabetes. They urged that early diagnosis and standardized treatment should be offered to the women having Gestational diabetes. 

They also highlighted the need and importance of collecting data at the national level. They said that the Diabetes Registry of Pakistan (DROP) is now functional and HCPs from Pakistan can use this online cloud-based technology to register their diabetic patients. Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination is already on board for this registry. This will further help in legislation and policy making to standardize the management strategies about diabetes. 

International Diabetes Conference Organized by Diabetic Association of Pakistan. 13-14 Nov 2021